How it Works

Cost per opt in marketing is where you place an integrated advert promoting your brand on a website or social media platform in front of individuals who you want to target. You ask them if they want to opt in to hear from your brand, service or a specific special offer. They then give permission and you receive the information in real time to communicate with them.

This approach to marketing works for most sectors and we will work with you to identify the best technology and partners for your brand and requirement.

A clear price per opt in is a compliant and an effective form of marketing. Once a company starts to use this approach and get the adverts and subsequent communications right, it is normally incorporated as part of their ongoing marketing strategy.

What We Can Offer

If you have previously ran survey questions, Lead generation, Co registration, Co-sponsor or telephone surveys you will find this a refreshingly honest, open and effective replacement.

If you have not run any of the above before but want to grow your customer base, talk to us and we will work with you to discover which approach will work for your business.

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