GDPR Compliant Data Solutions

We are experts in providing Consultancy, Technology and Data strategies to ensure that your business is GDPR compliant. We work towards a solution which combines the legal side of compliant data collection, storage and processing with the importance of using well written marketing text to make sure users understand what you do.

We will work with you to ensure you have a strategy, including any technology and legal / marketing solutions for businesses who want to continue to collect their customer data in a complaint way that works.

We can offer you a full strategy or just work with you on bespoke areas where you need expert advice or a second opinion.

We are currently working with companies in the following areas:

Data Audits

Making sure your existing data has the correct permissions and communications is a crucial starting point to having compliant and responsive data. All existing data you hold needs an audit, if you would like a second opinion on your audit process or would like assistance in putting together an audit then please get in touch.

Data collection

It is important under PECR, GDPR and The Data Protection Act to make sure the collection and processing of data is necessary, compliant and clear. We can help put together a strategy to collect quality data in a complaint manner.

Making Legal Terminology User Friendly

We are not lawyers but we understand the law and the need to make sure any wording used is user friendly and compliant. We can work with you and your legal team to ensure you get both aspects working effectively.

Alternatives to list rental and co-registration

If your business has previously relied upon List Rental and Co it is important that you review this strategy and make sure what you are doing is compliant, we can help you do this and put in processes to ensure you continue to be complaint. We can work with you to offers solutions on building your database with individuals who have opted in to hear from you and want to engage with you. These solutions are complaint, Work Well and we are confident you will receive good return on investment. Technology to monitor results of your marketing campaigns.

Technology to track marketing campaigns

We can help you make sure the data you are collecting is valid and analyse the success of your campaigns. This is done using a combination of expertise and technology.

Bespoke strategies to fit client's needs

We have a team of individuals who have worked in technology and direct marketing for a long time combined with women and fresh innovative individuals this mix of expertise means we are happy to see if we can help with projects you are working on, we are also equally happy to tell you when we cannot help as we only work on projects where we can add value.

For a free chat to discuss how we could work together, please call us on 0114 2815760 or use the contact form below.

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